Adding Value Through Relationships

Posted by Jeff Richardson


At CTR, we love what we do. We’re humbled every time a client puts their trust in us to help them find the places and spaces they need for their team. It’s a great feeling to know we’ve helped a client find exactly where they’re supposed to be. We love our jobs—there’s no question about that!

But more than that, we love our clients. And it’s the opportunity to build relationships with them that really gets us up and running every day. It’s the way we’re wired. It’s what we value. And it’s at the heart of what we do.

That’s why building relationships and investing in the lives of our clients are some of our core values at CTR. We want to encourage and foster relationships not just by connecting our company to our clients but also by connecting our clients to one another. Because we understand that we’re building more than just a business—we’re building a community. And the more people are engaged with and helping one another, the stronger that community will be.

Take two of our clients for example. One is a technology firm based in Duluth that we’ve been fortunate to work with for years now. They started out of their owner’s basement, and we’ve been lucky enough to watch them grow into an incredibly successful business over the years.  The other is an insurance business that we are so excited to have the chance to work alongside. As we spent time getting to know our insurance client over lunch one day, we discovered that the owner of the technology firm is one of their clients as well. It’s a simple connection, but one we were excited to make. Our insurance client also owns and operates a restaurant and so, in order to celebrate both clients in our community, we catered lunch from his restaurant and spent time with the staff at the technology firm. It was a small gesture, but a big relational investment, providing a deeper connection between all of our businesses.

And that’s so very valuable to us at CTR. Getting a call from a client thanking us for connecting them to another client is just as meaningful to us as getting a client into their office space. Because building relationships helps foster a sense of community and connection. And that’s really what we want for them at the end of the day: a chance to make a connection, to invest in someone else, and to grow in success as a part of a community.