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Peeling the Onion (We Have Layers)

Peeling the Onion (We have layers) Posted by CTR Partners This month we’re excited to welcome Nate Turner to our team at CTR! Nate brings energy, creativity and a fresh perspective to our team. He sees clients’ needs with fresh eyes, taking pride in putting together the puzzle pieces [...]

Peeling the Onion (We Have Layers)

Peeling the Onion (We have layers) Posted by CTR Partners A vital member of our team, Annette Adams organizes, collects, distributes and streamlines just about everything at CTR. She has a wonderful demeanor, terrific sense of humor, and is a model of efficiency. As a loving wife and mother [...]

Grace, Growth, & Grub

Grace, Growth, & Grub Posted by CTR Partners This summer we’re excited to announce that we’ve welcomed some new members to CTR. We’re blessed to be a part of a growing, thriving company and are so grateful for the chance to welcome incredible people to the team (check out [...]

Peeling the Onion (We Have Layers)

Peeling the Onion (We have layers) Posted by CTR Partners Since joining us in 2004, Jeff Richardson has greatly contributed to CTR and our clients through his work ethic, integrity, and insight into marketing. He spends most days finding new ways to build bridges amongst our team, our clients, [...]

From Alabama to Africa

From Alabama to Africa Posted by CTR Partners One summer my good friend Ash invited me to travel with him to Ghana. Now in today’s travel-accessible and technology-rich world, I realize that many of you reading this have probably made similar trips. I myself have been fortunate to see [...]

The Space-Pace Dilemma

The Space-Pace Dilemma  Posted by CTR Partners One of the biggest challenges in commercial real estate is finding space to accommodate rapidly growing companies. It’s difficult to anticipate a company’s rate of growth, and sometimes they need more space sooner than planned! While this kind of swift growth is [...]

Peeling the Onion (We Have Layers)

Peeling the Onion (We Have Layers) Posted by CTR Partners Rob Coatsworth wears many hats at CTR, including managing the operational needs of the firm. But what he enjoys most about his position at CTR is the opportunity to grow relationships. He works closely with clients, always looking for [...]

Serving Up Success

Serving Up Success Posted by CTR Partners What does success look like for your company? Is it big numbers? Or maybe dollar signs?  Landing major accounts? Or simply leaving your clients happy? No matter how you’ve decided to measure success for your company, we can agree on this: we [...]

More Feet, Less Work

More Feet, Less Work Posted by CTR Partners I’m sitting in the Boston airport waiting on my flight to board and looking forward to a bit of rest after a weekend full of adventure with some good friends. We came to the area to participate in a 200-mile relay [...]

Between The Before And After

Between The Before And After Posted by CTR Partners If you’ve ever walked through an office remodel or new construction, then you probably learned pretty quickly what a long and grueling process it has the potential to be. When it comes to redoing your space, construction can be a [...]