Carson Melton


Carson is essential to what keeps CTR running. She is a diligent, committed, and valued member of the CTR team.

Carson is a wife and mother to the "Most Adorable Kid in the World". An Atlanta native (a rare species, indeed), the rest of her family is from Savannah, which is where she likes to travel the most. Tybee Island is her favorite place to visit -- that's where all of her best childhood memories were created! In her spare time, Carson loves to read and write. She has been working on an autobiography for eight years that she hopes to get published one day. Carson does service work at rehabilitation centers for those who struggle with addiction, abuse and mental illness. Her passion in life is helping others to achieve a life being happy, useful and whole. She has been serving the public for years and is excited about contributing at CTR.

More about Carson:

Favorite movie quote: “Question... Would you die for me? That's too easy. Would you... Would you live for me?” – The Joker (Suicide Squad)

Passionate about: Helping others.

Happy place: My living room floor with my books, notebooks, a highlighter, and a blanket.

Favorite ice cream: Baseball Nut

Item on bucket list: Finish my book and get it published!