What’ll Ya Have? What’ll Ya Have?

What'll Ya Have? What'll Ya Have? Posted by CTR Partners If you have been in Atlanta very long (like a week), you have probably heard that famous line from one of our longstanding landmarks, The Varsity. It's one part of the special lingo greeting you as you walk through the [...]

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Posted by CTR Partners I’m pretty sure that “The Clash” wasn’t thinking about their office space when belting this out 30 years ago.  But, the question remains for businesses today.  As companies near twelve months from the end of their current lease, [...]

Am I a Renter or Owner?

Am I A Renter Or Owner?  Posted by CTR Partners Our society has historically tried to answer this question for us by assigning certain connotations to each term.  Flexibility provided by renting has now tipped the scales a bit as our society has become more mobile and maybe a [...]

Large, Medium, or Small – CTR Fits All

Large, Medium, Small - CTR Fits All Posted by CTR Partners Over the years we’ve found that people are often surprised to hear that many of our clients at CTR Partners are small businesses. And from the outside looking in, we understand why. It certainly seems like the needs [...]

A Quick Guide to Finding the Right Fit

A Quick Guide to Finding the Right Fit Posted by CTR Partners Not only do we offer our clients help in finding new office space, our team of experts at CTR Partners also helps with space plan coordination. What exactly does that mean and why should you care? Simply [...]