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Serving Up Success

Serving Up Success Posted by CTR Partners What does success look like for your company? Is it big numbers? Or maybe dollar signs?  Landing major accounts? Or simply leaving your clients happy? No matter how you’ve decided to measure success for your company, we can agree on this: we [...]

And Now, A Word From Our Clients

And Now, A Word From Our Clients Posted by CTR Partners If you know anything about our team at CTR, then you know how much we like and appreciate our clients. More than closing a deal, negotiating a great price, finding a new property, expanding a space, or renewing a lease, [...]

Our Client’s Success is Our Success

Our Client’s Success is Our Success Posted by ctrpartners One of our favorite things about our job is getting to walk alongside our clients as they grow. We have clients that we’ve been with from their very first days of business, finding their first office space and helping [...]

CTR on the Radio

CTR on the Radio Posted by ctrpartners Mike Sammond, Tom Briggette, Rob Coatsworth, Jeff Richardson, Steven Julian We love when we get the chance to go out into our community and share a little bit about what we do at CTR. And last month we had the opportunity to [...]

Our Team Meets Your Goals

Our Team Meets Your Goals Posted by Jeff Richardson We are a modest-sized team at CTR, so you might think things would get overwhelming at times. But the truth is, we love the fact that we’re a small team - in fact, we’re this size on purpose! We [...]