Let CTR Serve You

Posted by ctrpartners


There’s a reality in our world today—probably in most industries for that matter—to make everything about ourselves. How can we close a deal? How much money can we make? What’s in it for us? In a self-serving world, that’s a hard pattern to break. But our team at CTR is determined to do it.

Early on, we started asking ourselves how we could approach our business differently. What if we put our clients first? What if we made service a top
Our lives have been changed by the way others have served us. It’s made an incredible impact on who we are as people, and we believe it could make the same impact on who we are as a business. So we made the decision to start shaping everything we do at CTR around serving others. Instead of asking what’s in it for us, we started asking what we can do for you. How can we serve our clients ahead of ourselves? And it changed the face of our business.

We started to develop real relationships with our clients, getting to know them as people and becoming a part of more than just their real estate transactions. Our client base broadened to include smaller companies and nonprofits. We believed in what they were doing to serve our community, and we wanted to serve them in return. We invested in clients who were serving others through their work, and very quickly, we became invested in those they were serving as well. And we started connecting clients who might work in tandem to better serve our community. It’s initiated an environment of people who want to serve each other, and it’s been incredible to see in action.

One client that we feel so privileged to serve is the Pregnancy Resource Center of Gwinnett. They do amazing work for women and families in Gwinnett County. So when they came to us with the need to find a new space for their business, our answer was simple: “We’ll do whatever we can to serve you.” With work ranging from pregnancy testing and ultrasounds to counseling services to mentoring programs, their needs in terms of a facility were great. We spent months looking for the right home for their organization, touring facilities, compiling surveys of potential options, looking at leasing contracts. And finally we found it—the perfect home for them to serve the community. There was just one problem: the space was for sale, not for lease. And as a nonprofit, they simply couldn’t afford to buy it.

And so we waited with them. We prayed with them. We hoped for the best with them. And when someone close to the company decided to buy the building in
order to lease it back to them, we celebrated with them.
It was an amazing journey to be a part of. As they were serving the community, we were serving them to find a home, and then someone came along to provide them with the exact one they wanted.

It’s an experience like this that keeps us motivated to put others first in business—to truly serve our clients. It’s at the core of who we are at CTR. And as we head into this new year of business, we look forward to continuing to serve our clients and our community through our work.