Peeling the Onion (We Have Layers)

Posted by CTR Partners

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Rob Coatsworth wears many hats at CTR, including managing the operational needs of the firm. But what he enjoys most about his position at CTR is the opportunity to grow relationships. He works closely with clients, always looking for new and creative ways to serve them not only through real estate but also as a friend. He’s intentional about keeping CTR’s mission in mind and putting others first while working to improve the clients’ bottom line. Read on to get to know a little bit more about Rob. We’re so glad to have him as a part of our team!


What’s the best part about working in commercial real estate?

It’s definitely the people! I love meeting new friends, getting to know them, hearing their stories, and figuring out how we can best serve them.

Where’s your favorite place to take a client for bite to eat?

If I really like them, either McDonalds or Chuck E. Cheese (Okay, okay- it’s really any place that serves great BBQ).

Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram?

None of the above! I would rather communicate in person (I’m old school—real old school).

Give us three words to describe your family.

Fun-loving, strangely wise, and down-to-earth.

If you had an unexpected afternoon off, what would you do with your day?

Selfishly speaking? Go bass fishing, play golf, or go hiking.

What’s the last picture you took on your iPhone?

Sorry Apple lovers, but I have an Android (the superior device). And on it is a photo of our dog Cisco. She is very photogenic.

What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I thought I wanted to be a commercial artist when I was in high school. Glad that didn’t happen!

If you could go anywhere in the world, where you would you go and why?

New Zealand, to see the beauty of creation and where The Lord of the Rings was filmed.

What’s one tip you think anyone thinking about leasing or buying commercial real estate should know?

Begin the process early to be fully informed and make the right decision for their company.

What do you most look forward to about going to work each day?

Again, it’s the people—both the ones I work with and the ones I work for. They bring something inspiring and fun to each day.