Rob Coatsworth


About Rob

Rob wears many hats at CTR, including managing the operational needs of the firm, but he most enjoys growing relationships. He works closely with clients and looks for new and creative ways to serve them, not only related to real estate but also as their friend. He is very intentional about remembering CTR’s mission and putting others first while working to improve our clients’ bottom line.

Even though Rob has been described as “The Last Boy Scout,” there is some hint of dysfunction. Most of this comes from his movie choices such as Nacho Libre and Zoolander, but he loves to laugh and find ways to encourage others. Rob is able to recharge by spending time outdoors, fishing on the lake, and spending time with his family. For someone born in California, he has learned to embrace the South and all its charm. BBQ and southern biscuits are a staple of his diet, along with anything that has bacon in or near it.

Fun Facts About Rob

Favorite movie quote:
“Stop! Stop! I don’t want to go to prison! Stripes make me look hippy.” – Carl Wheezer (Jimmy Neutron)

Passionate about:
Rob recharges by spending time helping children in need, following God’s promptings, and SEC football!

Favorite athlete:
Any athlete who puts God first

Favorite superhero:
Starlord (Peter Quill)