Ahead of the Curve

Your business is at a crossroads—a real estate crossroads that is.  Whether it’s because of growth in your company, an approaching lease expiration date, or an unexpected need to move to a new space, you’ve reached the point where a big decision must be made. If you’re a business owner, this kind of crossroads is inevitable. And that’s why we at CTR Partners are here to help.

As we work with clients who are looking to make big decisions about their facility needs, one question we hear over and over is this: “When exactly should I start the process?” And our answer is always the same: the sooner the better. Why? Because in any office relocation, lease renewal, or real estate negotiation, there are so many moving parts that delays in the process are almost inevitable. We see delays of all kinds, but some of the most common involve:

  • Timely pricing of construction plans
  • Scheduling key players to go over layout plans in person
  • Unexpected changes in company structure as primary employees or decision makers transition out of the company
  • Unforeseen building inspection results requiring unanticipated or significant repairs
  • Lengthy review time for lease or purchase documents

And these are just a few of many potential delays that could impact your real estate needs! The truth is there are so many valuable players—lawyers, architects, commercial tenant representatives, landlords, tenants, contractors—needed to make the process successful that building in some extra time to ensure everyone has room to work is best!

With this in mind, we recommend that most companies begin the renewal, purchase, or relocation process nine to twelve months prior to your desired completion date. Now before you panic, stick with us here! While this is an ideal timeframe for your big real estate decisions, we can work with you to get the best for your business no matter where you are in the timeline. It’s our goal to set you up for success by encouraging you to think ahead and start early in the future.

We know that today’s world has made us accustomed to fast responses and quick process. We want things done, and we want them done fast. But isn’t it true that some of the best things take time to develop? We want your real estate deal to be the best thing for your business. That’s why we encourage you to give it time!

As a tenant advocate, we want what’s best for you—the tenant! And to avoid unnecessary stress, crunched timelines, or difficult decisions, starting early is what’s best. Setting things in motions so far in advance not only helps you avoid potential delays, but it also builds in time for you to fully explore the marketplace and thoroughly know your options. It’s our hope that no matter the timeframe or the obstacles, we’ll be able to help you reach the best possible outcome for your office space needs.