Competence Configuration

Competence- the ability to do something successfully or efficiently.

Early on as we were putting together a list of core values for our company, including competence seemed like an obvious choice. What business wouldn’t want to be known for exemplifying competence in their industry? We certainly do! We want our clients to know that when they choose CTR Partners, they’re choosing a team that truly is proficient in the world of commercial real estate. In other words, we really know our stuff!

Since 1993, knowing the ins and outs of commercial real estate has almost become second nature to our team—at least in terms of our traditional clients—is in our DNA. When we’re working with clients who need conventional office or industrial spaces for their respective businesses, we’re confident in our competence. We know the market, the contract process, the negotiation terms, and the best ways to help them find exactly what they need.

But not all our clients fit that traditional mold. We also work with some unique clients whose companies have very specific, unique needs when it comes to their space. A golf academy, non-profit organizations, even churches and new church plants—these are just a few of the clients we’ve worked with whose space needs required us to get creative and reach a new level of competency in these specialized niches. They challenged us to grow in a completely new way!

While some companies might have passed on the challenge, CTR embraced it! We hit the ground running, putting in the effort to truly learn and grow our level of competency for these clients. We put in more research. We asked more questions. We made more phone calls. We set up more meetings. We drove the area, studied the spaces, and really dug our heels in to learn all we could about the specific markets and needs for these clients. And it paid off!

We’ve been able to find great spaces for our less traditional clients. And not only was it beneficial for them, but it also helped CTR increase our level of competency in the real estate market. We strive to work effectively and successfully on behalf of every single client—even when it requires us to work differently! It increases our competency and that, in turn, helps us better serve the relationships entrusted to us.