Grace, Growth, & Grub

We’re excited to announce that we’ve welcomed some new members to CTR. We’re blessed to be a part of a growing, thriving company and are so grateful for the chance to welcome incredible people to the team (check out our Peeling the Onion blogs and look for more soon)! For us, adding members to our crew not only creates opportunities to better serve our clients, but it also gives us a chance to better serve one another.

That’s why we’ve made intentional team-building a priority at CTR. The people you work with make your business happen; they’re vital ingredients to your success. And we believe building and operating as a close-knit, unified group is key in maintaining that success. The more we pour into and value the people on our team, the better equipped they’ll be to pour into and value our clients, delivering to them consistent and better quality service.

We wanted to find a way to truly connect as a team in a simple, feasible and consistent way. And what we came up with really works for us! Each month we pick a new restaurant in a different part of the city and share a meal away from the office. What better way to connect with one another than over a good meal? It’s an easy way for us to encourage one another, get to know each other better on a personal level and grow closer as a team. We’re excited to give thanks to God together, continue growing as a team, and keep trying out some awesome food! Look for us out and about—we may be grabbing a meal in your part of town!

Know a great local restaurant in your part of town that is a must-try? Let us know!