Serving Up Success

What does success look like for your company? Is it big numbers? Or maybe dollar signs?  Landing major accounts? Or simply leaving your clients happy? No matter how you’ve decided to measure success for your company, we can agree on this: we all want to achieve success.

But the measure of success is subjective. What one considers to be a major win for their business another might consider just a step on the road to success. That’s why we decided early on to define exactly what success would be for us. We wanted to give all of our team members a clear picture of what a win looked like as a part of CTR. Because for us, it’s not about big numbers or major dollars (though these certainly aren’t bad things!); for us, it’s about the client. Success at CTR means building strong relationships with our clients and going above and beyond to make sure we serve them and get them the best possible outcome.

That’s why we consider our relationship with Good Samaritan Health Center to be one of our greatest successes. An organization operating out of Gwinnett County, Good Samaritan is a clinic offering medical care to the underinsured population in their community. We were fortunate enough to be connected to them through a mutual friend as they were beginning their search for a new space. As both a donor supported nonprofit and a medical clinic, they had very specific needs when it came to their office space. It had to be conveniently located to their patient population with room to grow—and on a specific budget!

As we got to know the ministry leaders and caught their vision, we were in it for the long haul with Good Samaritan. The more time we spent with them, the more dedicated we were to finding them the perfect space. This was more of a calling than a client to us, and we were committed to going every step of that extra mile for them.

And so we saw space after space—dozens and dozens of buildings in Gwinnett County. We targeted every property we could, researched every aspect of the market, and made lots of phone calls to find any and every possible option for them. All in all, it took us more than two years of putting in that extra effort for them before we found the space they will soon call home.

Located just off Buford Highway inside Gwinnett County, the new home of Good Samaritan Health Clinic is exactly what they hoped to find. Their square footage more than doubled in size, giving them room to expand, offer more services, and see more clients. The building was purchased at an affordable price, leaving room in the budget for renovations so they could now begin offering dental care to their clients as well. And while it might have taken a lot of extra time and energy, we’re so happy they stuck with us every step of the way. Their loyalty, friendship, gratitude, and the opportunity to see the ministry of Good Samaritan expanded truly made this a success for us at CTR.