The Space-Pace Dilemma

One of the biggest challenges in commercial real estate is finding space to accommodate rapidly growing companies. It’s difficult to anticipate a company’s rate of growth, and sometimes they need more space sooner than planned! While this kind of swift growth is a great problem for a company to have, it can seem overwhelming to find a bigger space for the future of your company when you’re working with the budget of your present. But as a business owner, you want your space to be a true reflection of who your company is and an overcrowded, uninspired space probably doesn’t give off the air of professionalism you want your clients to see. So the question is: how do you factor in room to grow without breaking the bank?

That’s exactly the question we found Crystal Solutions asking when we came alongside them in their search for space. A software company specializing in making video broadcasting more efficient, Crystal was in the middle of an incredible company growth spurt when we met them. What was once an acceptable office space for their company suddenly became very cramped quarters for their rapidly expanding business. They needed a bigger space that not only made room for their team, but also reflected their company’s creativity and level of professionalism to their visiting clients. As Crystal boasts several big name clients in the broadcast industry, they wanted a space they were proud of that would inspire employees and clients alike.

Finding the right space for Crystal Solutions wasn’t the challenge. We were quickly able to locate an ideal, one story office building for the company. The challenge came in negotiating a deal that allowed them to expand their use of the space as they grew rather than paying right away for space they didn’t yet need. It was our goal to give them room to grow without overextending their budget.

Our team was thrilled to be able to negotiate a step-up rate deal for Crystal Solutions. This allowed them to pay for the space at an initial rate for a period, and then at a higher rate for the following periods, on a stepped-up basis matching their projected growth. Crystal’s vision for growth has been planned for, so they will have the space they need as they prosper. The right time at the market, the right space for the company, and the right people at the table to negotiate—all the pieces came together to make a deal like this happen for Crystal.

And they’re thrilled with the results! Their company has continued to experience an incredible rate of growth and success. And fortunately, they’re in a space that can grow with them! They’ve taken the time to renovate as well, creating an environment that reflects who they are as a company. It’s a space that inspires, and we’re so honored to have been of service to them.