What’ll Ya Have? What’ll Ya Have?

If you have been in Atlanta very long (like a week), you have probably heard that famous line from one of our longstanding landmarks, The Varsity. It’s one part of the special lingo greeting you as you walk through the doors. While this may not seem initially applicable to your office space search, it may be more relevant than you think. One of the most confusing aspects of comparing offices is the different lease structure lingo they present. From full service (FSG) to modified gross (MG) to triple net (NNN), not only will the rates and operating expenses vary but the responsibilities of the tenant are heavier or lighter. Typically, multi-story office buildings or towers are leased on a full-service basis, and one story options can be any of the three. If you like to write one check and not be responsible for maintenance, full service (FSG) is for you. That can come with a bit of a premium. So if your company is watching costs carefully, comparing a full service to a modified gross (MG) or NNN would make sense. CTR will complete a side-by-side analysis of these options for clients in the process, and we would like to be a resource to help you and your company learn more. Contact us today to bring us into your space search. Also, you can learn more about us at www.ctrpartners.com or https://www.facebook.com/ctrpartners/.